We travel to our suppliers in Malaysia regularly to ensure that we are able to hand select our used engines and used gearboxes and are thus able to offer our customers great quality and affordable prices. We stock used engines and gearboxes for various models of passenger vehicles like Toyota, Nissan, VW, Opel and BMW to name but a few. We have a comprehensive range of diesel engines for the LDV market as well as used engines for the light commercial vehicles.

Our used engines and used gearboxes are all low mileage units and are sent to Malaysia directly from a yard in Japan. We tend to work with few suppliers but rather grow loyalty with our current supplier base where we are able to select quality used gearboxes and used engines. Our supplier understands our requirements and provides used engines and gearboxes with the best quality and lowest mileage and the most affordable prices.

Loyalty is important when it comes to dealing with our suppliers and this is in turn passed on to our valued customer base.

All our used engine numbers are checked on the NATIS system to give our customers peace of mind that the used engines are cleared and can be fitted to the vehicles without a risk, offer a peace of mind purchase.

Whenever possible, our engines are started and checked for defaults prior to the sale of the used engine and are washed and cleaned to remove all grease and dirt.

We will deliver to a selection of areas at a minimal rate. Deliveries to outlying areas are done using a network of reliable couriers at competitive rates. Our engines are shipped country wide and even cross border.

All our units are sold as complete engines and they will all have the starter, alternators, distributors and carburetors where applicable.

Our visiting customers are always impressed at our neat and organised store, where we treat our engines with the utmost care to ensure that our customers get a quality product.

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